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Ecoplant now have our own specially made, unique and competitive products. Ecostart & Eco Tree Guards. Check out more details about these below!

Our Products


Plant Starter - An environmentally friendly composite product that provides essential elements and a water retention agent to give your new plantings the best chance of survival and ongoing healthy growth.

  • Suitable for most plant varieties and soil types
  • Improves water retention of plant available water
  • Provides organic nutrition to the plant for up to six months with NPK ratio blended for Australian native plants
  • Ensures good aeration of the root zone
  • Suitable for native plants
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Our Products

Eco Tree Guards

We are now marketing the ECO TREE GUARD; a quality corflute, reusable tree guard that is designed for ease of installation and functionality.

  • This guard only one "flat faced" stake that is sturdy enough to hammer in without it snapping. Only hammering in one stake instead of 2 or 3 is a dream; saving both effort and time.
  • The guards flat face of the stake braces the tree guard against the wind so it doesn't flap about as much as traditional tree guards; so they are less likely to expose the young plant.
  • The guard is circular and so the wind will whisk around it rather than like the more traditional triangular and square shapes that capture the wind. Flat face guards are more likely to blow off or put pressure against the plant. The circular design also gives more internal space for the plant.
  • It has a rigid design. Made of hardy corflute the guard cannot be uplifted by fauna for grazing like the thin plastic products. The stake is a tight fit so together with a rigid guard these guards stay in place.
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