Meeting a Deadline With a Record Breaking Plant Install

17 August 2018 17 Aug 2018 1 min 50 sec
by: Ryan Key
This was one of our tightest deadlines, in the most extenuating circumstances. 142,000 plants to be installed in less than 10 days. Yet, we managed it, making our client look good.

The call was made – the client has 142 000 plants to be installed in less than 10 days in order to meet a deadline. That is a tall order.... but nothing we can’t handle.

The challenge is on!

The site is not a straightforward one, firstly, it’s an away job and accommodation is scarce as there is a big event happening in the town. Secondly, there is a lengthy induction process, we can’t just throw our team at it immediately.

Our admin staff were onto it – we needed to find out which staff were willing to travel and work away from home, then find and book accommodation for them against impossible odds. They were then booked in and put through the induction process that takes up precious time.

Eventually, our planting army was mobilised – an average of 12 – 15 planters on site per day. Our daily target was up to 20,000 plants.

It’s a mammoth task coordinating the right plant mixes to be transported to the area; the set-out is very specific and our team leaders have to mark out all lines and planting increments for the planters to follow in order to ensure they achieve the correct density and species mix as well as keeping the planting lines straight.

The first couple of days were challenging as the team works towards getting into a rhythm and targets aren’t quite reached. The pressure was on! People were exhausted but the team soon developed an effective and efficient system and gets into a flow and before long – the 20,000 target is reached.

The team pushed on through the weekend and started to pull ahead of schedule. Finally the finish line was in site and the team breathed a collective sigh of relief as they put the last remaining plants in the ground – finishing two days ahead of the deadline!!!

So there we have it, no matter how daunting a task may seem, if everyone pulls together with the right attitude – anything can happen.

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