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17 August 2018 17 Aug 2018 1 min 12 sec
by: Ryan Key
The Ecoplant Australia Safety Framework includes an incident register which helps us ensure a safe workplace for all of our employees.

As part of our Ecoplant Australia Safety Framework, we have implemented the incident register to ensure we are not only compliant with the current safety act but also behind the eight ball when it comes to ensuring a safe workplace for all our employees.

For ease of use, the Register of Illness/Injuries is available to the staff via the following:

  • Electronically on each Team Leader’s ipad via the intranet or i-auditor
  • Hard copies of incident/injury report are carried in a file in each ute
  • Any one of our employees can access the intranet via their smartphone
  • All our workers have been trained in the use of these apps and forms and are aware of how to access them and when they need to use them
  • Weekly prompts from our admin to encourage the staff to report any incidents or near misses.
  • In the event of an injury, the worker or someone acting on their behalf will notify us immediately, preferably in writing. Ecoplant will acknowledge, in writing, that we have received this notification and will provide and signed and dated copy to the injured worker.
  • We encourage all our staff to look out for each other and never forget to report an injury/illness – communication is key!

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