Methods & Products for Revegetation

05 August 2021 05 Aug 2021 49 sec
How many different methods and products do you use for revegetation?

Revegetation is an essential component in many industries we serve. The correct execution and application of services and products determines the outcomes of a revegetation project.

Here are some of the methods recommended to give your project the best chance of quality, long lasting outcomes.


  • Seed Collection & Plant Propagation
  • Vegetation Management Plant implementation
  • Weed Management
  • Wetland Regeneration
  • Soil testing and preparation
  • Carbon offset planting
  • Long stem planting
  • Direct Seeding
  • Water trucks including 4x4

Ecoplant have the skills and expertise to perform a wide variety of revegetation techniques, services and installations. We focus on civil and construction sites and revegetate in NSW and QLD.

We also utilise "fit for purpose" products to ensure quality outcomes.

Products we supply:

  • Sleeve Tree Guards
  • Green Guards
  • Square Jute Mat
  • Bamboo Stakes
  • Cardboard Milk Cartons
  • Plant Pills

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