Employing Labourers Post Covid - The Challenge Continues

02 March 2021 02 Mar 2021 2 min 1 sec
COVID has amplified all aspects of work and personal life. Hiring staff & recruiting has proved to be a really hard process during this time, but we can take the hassle out of that for you with our specialised labour skills for your next project.

The Unemployed Workers Union wrote a great article on unemployment, underemployment and hidden unemployment with the Department of Employment’s job vacancies statistics. These government figures give us an invaluable insight, albeit almost certainly understated, into the state of Australia’s labour market.

2020 (August)
1,614,412 competing for 104,880 job vacancies
Ratio of job seekers to job vacancies: 1 to 15.39

Ref: https://unemployedworkersunion.com/job-seekers-v-job-vacancy-data/

What does this mean for Employers?
This means that they have to spend more time resourcing fewer jobs.

Business owners always have many conflicting priorities to manage, however, COVID has amplified all aspects of work and personal life. How we spend the time we have means more now than ever!

Keeping clients happy, being able to service their needs has to be the driving priority of any business. Resourcing the work is one aspect that business owners can get some help with.

There are many ways to employ staff in the current economy. Workers have access to a variety of platforms which house multiple opportunities for those looking for work. When it comes to labour, there are still critical safety and compliance requirements needed before the worker can start on your project.

Using a labour hire services helps employers and employees navigate these aspects of the current market.

WHAT can ecoplant do to help?
We take the hard part out of the recruiting for you:

  1. We are constantly hiring casual labourers throughout the country to make sure we have people for your projects!

  2. We have a streamlined recruitment system to manage the necessary steps

  3. Our employees are screened for the right qualifications

  4. All necessary documentation is obtained and checked (including licenses, white cards, visa information & government forms)

  5. Applicants complete training & induction and complete tasks to prove their competence.

  6. Internal communication systems ensure that employees keep up to date with safety requirements and updates

What to do next?
Contact us regarding your next project, we will take the hassle out of employing staff so you can focus on delivering for your clients.

Ecoplant can provide you with experienced staff to set out plants, read plans and even manage an entire job site

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