Ecoplant's Bark Blowing Technology

17 October 2020 17 Oct 2020 57 sec
Bark Blowing is a fast, easy way to spread material in a small area. Ecoplant have the skills and equipment to use this technique to get your project done

Bark Blowing is ideal for commercial, residential, sporting grounds, and a variety of other landscaping and garden applications. This cost-effective solution allows you to skip the hassle of time-consuming cleanup and mess.

The machines we use for this technique of bark blowing are the Finn BB302 Bark blower CAN
This technology is capable of pumping both large and small volumes of material
up to 150 metres away from the truck. Our trained operators regularly achieve installation rates of 100 cubic metres per day and in some cases, have installed over 200 cubic metres over short distances in a single day. The distribution hose is small and flexible enough to fit just about anywhere, and has been known to run over fences and walls, through buildings and doorways, down stairs and up embankments. Delivering as much, as consistently, as accurately as truck driven machines that's what we call efficiency!

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