Ensuring business continuity while giving our customer more

21 July 2021 21 Jul 2021 1 min 25 sec
Annual Review - Episode 2

Ref: https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/operations/our-insights/elevating-customer-experience-excellence-in-the-next-normal

The impact of COVID-19 on customer behaviour has been sweeping and immediate. Spending across most industries is down, purchases have shifted from in-person to digital channels, and public safety has become a top priority for companies and consumers alike. Executives who had carefully crafted omnichannel strategies to create unique, compelling customer experiences have had to throw out their playbooks and improvise to keep pace.

As companies prepare for the long haul—what we refer to as the “next normal”—the path forward is anything but clear. The situation continues to change by the week and can vary dramatically by region. Among the most vexing challenges is determining which customer behaviours and trends are here to stay and which ones will eventually recede. Companies that invest in the wrong capabilities could find themselves on the outside as competitors that can offer exemplary customer experiences cement their advantage.

Ecoplant is meeting this challenge by:

  • Reducing costs across the board to provide lean, optimised operations with market leading, efficiency based systems
  • Efficient systems allow our staff to spend more time on delivering for our customer
  • Effective systems means meaningful data to ensure offerings are end-user focussed at competitive rates
  • Implemented a customer management system that allows us to provide you with a more efficient and effective service
  • Offering training and incentives to staff to attract key personnel in a very difficult labour market
  • Utilised any and all available state and federal support packages

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