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01 July 2021 01 Jul 2021 1 min 15 sec
Annual Review - Episode 1

Shared experience
We have spent a lot of time working on our business these past 18 months.
The focus to keep going has been ever present and challenging.Along the way we have added to our team, learned a lot of new things and adapted. We didn't want to just survive, but we wanted to be better.

What did we do at Ecoplant to keep moving forward?
We have used all the resources available to us. We leaned on and learned from family, friends, loyal staff and clients... We sought out and learned from leaders in our industries and market evaluations to help us make decisions that made us stronger and more able to support clients and staff.

What is an Information series?
We are starting our new information series which will be made up for some bite size stories where we will share interesting links you may find useful and/or interesting.

Subjects covered by the series:

  • Key trends in the Industries we operate in: Construction, Landscaping, Mining and rehabilitation
  • Business continuity in all its shapes and sizes
  • Watching the pennies...
  • Next big things in our industry?
  • Systems that make or break us?
  • Employee trends and why it matter to know?
  • Outsource success stories

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