A Great Deal For Our Clients For a New Innovative Tool Tracking System

02 November 2018 02 Nov 2018 1 min 55 sec
by: Ryan Key
Have trouble keeping track of your tools? We've found a solution that has been working amazingly for us. Read on to find out what it is.

’m sure all of you have the same issues as we do with regards to trying to keep track of tools. Tool losses are probably one of our highest costs in the industry and highly frustrating.We did some research and investigation into the different methods and services companies had to offer and after careful consideration decided to go with Maptrack.

What is Maptrack?

This system doesn’t require you to buy a scanning machine, simply download the app to any smartphone or tablet. Since all of our Team Leaders have an iPad this seemed like a great idea.

High quality polycarbonate stickers (that come in a range of sizes) are placed on all tools and equipment. The code is then scanned with the app and all data for the machine/tool uploaded. Once everything is scanned and in the system, each user (team leader) scans his equipment and allocates it to his ute, which makes him responsible for that item. At any one time, one is able to log in and see where all tools and machinery are located, geo-location of the last scan etc. If you have staff that swap tools around like ours, it is great as they just scan the item when they receive it from the other staff member.

The system is very versatile and able to be tailored to your needs. For our machines, we are able to set alerts to let us know when the machine is due to go in for a service. We can also add custom fields to alert us to equipment being in poor condition and in need to repair/replacement. As with consumables such as PPE, we can be alerted to low stock.

We are really excited about this system and believe it will save us a lot of money. I know a lot of our clients will be looking for a similar system to reduce tool losses so if you are interested – feel free to contact us if so. We are able to arrange a great deal for our clients and partners.

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